V/A/Bcore disc sevens 1998-2000(CD)
型番 BC.78(Bcore disc)
販売価格 1,125円(税込)

DISCHORDと深い繋がりをもったスペインのBcore discのコンピレーション!メンツも超豪華!デットストックなのでお早めに!

1.Fireside - Let Rasputin Do It
2.Fireside - Silver Muscle Car
3.Kepone - Conjure Man
4.Kepone - Fire On the Double Wide
5.June of 44 - Southeast of Boston
6.June of 44 - Dexterity of Luck
7.The Capitol City Dusters - Reason
8.Aina - Lutton Can Wait
9.Bluetip - New Shoe Premonition
10.NRA - Adult
11.NRA - At 9
12.The Dismemberment Plan - Gets Rich
13.Juno - Non-Equivalents